About Our Company

EBUD Construction Services was incorporated in 2010. The company is located in South Africa in Mafikeng, North-West Province. The company also has offices in Johannesburg and East London.


EBUD Construction Services will by all legitimate means possible, shelter the client’s investment through sound financial advice, planning and management. Building Services make up 15 to 50% of project cost – meticulous procurement and cost management methods are therefore essential, this is where EBUD Construction Services comes in.


With the use of the latest technological tools and software, the company will ensure that all operations and advice is well informed to ensure optimal value to the client. In an industry where the objectives of different parties often conflict, our role includes holding the ring as honest brokers. This can only be done, and be seen to be done, if we operate from a zone of no vested interests. Our responsibility is to be correct in all senses of the word and to tell our clients what they need to hear.




  1. Integrity 
We are honest and ethical in our actions. We keep our commitments and treat others with mutual respect and trust.Integrity 
We are honest and ethical in our actions. We keep our commitments and treat others with mutual respect and trust.
  2. Excellence 
In all areas of our business – technical, operational and administrative – we strive to achieve excellence. We pride ourselves on bringing outstanding results to everything we do.
  3. Clients
EBUD Construction Services sets the industry standard for client service. We are passionate about solving clients’ problems and exploring new opportunities with them.
  4. Corporate Responsibility – Sustainability
    Sustainable development is of vital and permanent interest to EBUD Construction Services. Delivering successful solutions that respect the environment is enshrined in the core ideology of our business model.
    Externally, we know that clients want their buildings to use less energy and produce less CO2, use less water and create less waste in construction and operation. They look to us to take a lead on sustainability and help them to achieve their goals.

    Internally, we are committed to reducing the environmental impacts of our business activities. We are developing a plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as other environmental impacts in line with the proposals of the SACQSP.


Some of Our Clients

Services – Construction Cost Consultancy Services during renovation of existing schools that the mine has adopted. These include Manthe Primary School (Taung), Mogale wa Bagale Technical High School (Burgersfort) and Phaladingoe Technical High School (Mokopane)

Our services encompass preparation of specifications, project implementation and monitoring as well as value engineering during the execution of the projects.

Ebud has been appointed as Quantity Surveyors for various projects for the North West Department of Public Works which include schools, clinics and hospitals. The services rendered are in line with the current government norms and standards for these public facilities as well as compliance with SANS 10400 regulations.

Key Projects includes Lichtenburg High School, Traffic Police Training College, Vryburg Weighbridge, Botshelo Primary School and Bahurutshe ba ga Moiloa Traditional Offices.

Ebud was engaged as a principal consultant to assist the IDT with the conversion of existing school classrooms into smart classrooms which involves a paperless environment. Scoping and project Implementation was done by Ebud whereby existing classrooms were fully revamped and installations to enable smart learning as well as security features for these installations were done.

Ebud was engaged to assist the NWDC with facilities management in line with GIAMA principles. The pilot project being existing multi-storey office block where a condition assessment was done and a maintenance and upgrade plan was developed taking into account occupation of the building. Green building was key in the design of the new office with energy saving being the main driver as well as making the building installations compliant with current legislation.

Client Testimonials